New Frozen Shorts Olaf Presents Will Retell Classic Disney Movies

Disney+ Day is set to kick off in mid-November, showcasing the present and future of your favorite Disney franchises in some pretty major ways. The day of programming, which will occur on Friday, November 12th, will allow subscribers to stream a lot of recent or completely new content — including an all-new original series of Frozen shorts. The shorts, which are being produced by Walt Disney Animation Studios, will be called Olaf Presents, and will see Frozen's beloved snowman retelling several classic Disney tales as only he can. Additionally, the day will see the domestic Disney+ streaming debut of fan favorite shorts from Walt Disney Animation Studios including Frozen Fever, Oscar®-winning shorts Feast and Paperman, Oscar-nominated Mickey Mouse short Get A Horse!, and more.

While there's no telling exactly which Disney films Olaf will be lampooning in Olaf Presents, it's safe to say that fans will be excited to see more of the lovable snowman. The most recent onscreen appearance of the character was in last year's Once Upon a Snowman, a Disney+ exclusive short that recounted his unpredictable origin story, as well as the digital series At Home With Olaf.

"I would say that Olaf has this overwhelming optimism and sincerity about him. And that just never gets old," Head of Animation Becky Bresee explained during a virtual press conference for Once Upon a Snowman. "It's something that we all sort of aspire to and sometimes fall short. But Olaf is always there charging ahead with just this eternal optimism and sweetness that I think is a part of all of us, but maybe we wish we had more of. And it's sort of inspiring."

"I grew up on Disney movies in the '90s," co-director and co-wrtier Trent Correy echoed. "I loved Aladdin, by far my favorite movie. And the genie was my favorite character. And I think what I loved about the genie was that he could be hilarious and change shapes, but he could also be sincere. And from an animator's point of view, Olaf's just everyone's favorite character to animate because he can be very emotional. Like Becky mentioned, he's connected to the sisters. But he's also fun to just break apart."

"And I think we can all relate to his sort of innocence as a child," creative consultant Peter Del Vecho added. "That's a slightly naive look at the world, but in doing so, I agree, Trent, he can really hit on some profound, emotional things. You can zero in on things that maybe, as adults, we miss."

As mentioned above, Olaf Presents is expected to debut on Friday, November 12th, exclusively on Disney+.