New Line's 'Tag' Brings Machinima's 'Inside Gaming' Team Back Together

Three years after they disbanded, Machinima's Inside Gaming team reunited to determine once and for all who was "it."

...Wait, what?

Machinima, a gamer-focused division of Warner Bros. Digital Networks, announced over the weekend that it will be promoting the upcoming New Line Cinema movie, Tag, with a reunion fans have been waiting for.

Taking place on June 8, the crew of Machinima's iconic program Inside Gaming will be returning to where it all began for a Tag-inspired special episode that will feature the release of an exclusive never-before-seen clip from the movie. The film features an all-star comedic cast, including Ed Helms, Jake Johnson, and Hannibal Buress, with Jon Hamm and Oscar nominee Jeremy Renner.

Available on Machinima's YouTube and Facebook channels, "The Inside Gaming Reunion" brings back Adam Kovic, Bruce Greene, Matt Peake, James Willems, Lawrence Sonntag, Joel Rubin and Sean Poole for more gaming and no-holds barred banter during this special episode of Machinima's marquee and beloved videogame news show.

Inside Gaming was originally launched as Inside Halo, a Machinima-animated news show focused on the Halo franchise, in 2007. It was hosted by Kovic and Mike Rouse. The show was rebranded as Inside Gaming Daily in 2009, with a broader focus on general gaming news and opinion delivered daily on Machinima's YouTube channel. Kovic hosted the show with a variety of co-hosts including Rouse and Matt Dannevik before settling on its most well-known cast in early 2013: Greene, Sonntag, Willems, Rubin, Poole, and Peake. In 2013, Inside Gaming's dedicated YouTube channel began uploading gameplay videos and quickly became known as a premier channel for quick-paced, edited gameplay and sketch comedy. The show saw explosive growth, with the episodes ultimately averaging 200,000 daily views, with some episodes hitting millions of views.

During the special Tag-themed program, the IG team will not only discuss the movie, but will also bring fans back to the glory days of the program as they opine on gaming topics that have emerged since the show went off the air, including Battle Royales, micro-transactions and the rise of new platforms and tech.


Tag will be in theaters on June 15.