Plastic Man, Sandman, Swamp Thing, Metal Men, & Deadman Movies In The Works Based On Warner Bros. Domain Names

DC Movies Domain Names

Earlier this week, the Internet exploded with news that Warner Bros. had registered the domain names:,,, and The theory was that these domain names had to signal that Warner Bros. is about to announce an Aquaman movie, a Justice League movie, a Shazam movie, and a Wonder Woman movie.

Of course, that might very well be the case, because those four movies have been heavily rumored, but a fact overlooked in most reports is that these domain names were not registered anytime recently. In fact, three of the domain names were registered over a decade ago.

Given that so many have reported that these old domain names suggest these four movies are about to be announced, decided to do a little research on what other DC Comics movie related domain names Warner Bros. might own.

According to our research, Warner Bros. also owns,,,, and There are probably a bunch of other ones that they own as well, but those are the ones we found with just a little checking.

Just like the four domain names that are making headlines all across the Internet, these five other domain names were not registered any time recently. was registered in 2007, was registered in 2001, was registered in 2009, was registered in 1999, and was registered in 2009.


However, based on the same logic being applied to the other old domain names, it looks like Warner Bros. is getting ready to announce a Metal Men movie, a Sandman movie, a Swamp Thing movie, a Plastic Man movie, and a Deadman movie.

Heck, we wonder who is playing Deadman. Let the speculation begin.