President Obama Wants to be Han Solo


During a "lightning round" questionnaire coming from a Youtuber, because apparently that's who gets to talk to him nowadays (he's done it a few times before), the President of the United States, Barack Obama, was finally asked an important question:

What Star Wars character would he most want to be?

The POTUS, an outspoken fan of comic books and genre entertainment, answered fairly quickly, and even made a pun in his reply (even if that may have been an accident):

"Well, I gotta go with Han Solo. He's a little bit of a rebel..."

He also gives a pretty definitive answer on the "pants on dog" debate, and says outright that Kendrick Lamar is a better rapper than Drake. Guess that Hotline won't be Blingin anytime soon.


Despite ending a press conference in December by saying he had to go watch the new Star Wars movie, it appears that President Obama's plans changed, as he also told Swoozie he has not seen the new film yet. His favorite Star Wars movie? The first one, A New Hope, which he remembers seeing in a theater around the corner from his house. Fair play, Mr. President.