Quentin Tarantino Reveals His Final Film Will Be "Epilogue-y"

Now that Once Upon a Time in Hollywood has been released, Quentin Tarantino fans are wondering what his next, and possibly final film will be. The director is supposed to be tackling an R-Rated Star Trek that will feel like a "Pulp Fiction in space," but it's currently unclear if that will count as his final film. According to The Hollywood Reporter, Tarantino says his hypothetical final movie, whatever it may be, will feel like an ending.

"If you think about the idea of all the movies telling one story and each film is like a train boxcar connected to each other, this one would sort of be the big show-stopping climax of it all," he said. "And I could imagine that the 10th one would be a little more epilogue-y."

It's still unclear what the film will be, but it sounds like he is invested in making at least one more. Previously, he shared that depending on the success of Once Upon a Time in Hollywood, he could stop now.

"Well, um," Tarantino said, "if it's really well received, maybe I won't go to ten. Maybe I'll stop right now! Maybe I'll stop while I'm ahead. We'll see."

However, there's still the question of where the Star Trek film fits into his plans. Many have wondered if that will count as his 10th and final feature considering it wouldn't be an original work.

"I guess I do have a loophole, [if] the idea was to throw a loophole into it," he recently explained. "Which would be [to go], 'Uhhh, I guess Star Trek doesn't count. I can do Star Trek … but naturally, I would end on an original.' But the idea of doing 10 isn't to come up with a loophole. I actually think, if I was going to do Star Trek, I should commit to it. It's my last movie. There should be nothing left-handed about it. I don't know if I'm going to do that, but that might happen."

Once Upon a Time in Hollywood stars Margot Robbie, Leonardo DiCaprio, Brad Pitt, Al Pacino, Timothy Olyphant, Dakota Fanning, Kurt Russell, Emile Hirsch, Margaret Qualley, Damian Lewis, Lena Dunham, Bruce Dern, and the late Luke Perry.


Do you think Tarantino will only make one more movie? Do you think Star Trek could be his last? What would you like to see from him? Tell us in the comments!

Once Upon a Time in Hollywood is now playing in theaters everywhere.