Rambo V: Last Blood Earns Hard R Rating According to Sylvester Stallone

The long-awaited next installment to the Rambo franchise is finally hitting theaters this year, and the film’s star just shared some exciting news. According to Sylvester Stallone, Rambo: Last Blood just received its “hard” R-rating. The film, which promises to be action-packed, is being directed by Adrian Grunberg and co-stars Paz Vega, Yvette Monreal, Sergio Peris-Mencheta, Joaquín Cosio, Adriana Barraza, Louis Mandylor, and Óscar Jaenada.

“Great day! We got our HARD R Rating today! What’s coming is going to be unlike anything you’ve ever seen…’ ...Death is coming” John said,” Stallone wrote.

As you can see, he included some bloody stills from the film.

Many people commented on the post, clearly excited to see John Rambo back in action:

“Thank you for the sneak peek! Unlike anything that’s ever been released in my opinion! September 20 I’ll be seeing it again with the boys!,” @agentnickyc wrote.

“From the look and blood on your face, I’d say ‘R’ rating is a good fit!, @melodyworsham30 pointed out.

“Thank God you’re keeping old school action films alive!,” @john_rivoli added.

Previously, Stallone spoke about what fans can expect in the new movie.

“Bad things happen,” he shared. “There’s going to be some serious vengeance in this movie. A lot of people getting hurt.”

“Rambo deals with the dark side of nature that most people live with. Rocky is different, he’s more the optimist,” he added, “there’s optimism and pessimism in these two characters.”


“In every film, Rambo never goes home, he goes out to the jungle or Afghanistan. In the new one, he does come home, but in a way, he never arrives. He’s there, but he’s not. That’s what the whole story is built around. As soon as he walks outside his door, he has no more control. The world controls you,” Stallone explained.

Rambo: Last Blood is set to hit theaters on September 20th.

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