Sacha Baron Cohen's Borat Urges Women Not To Vote In New Video

Even though his movie is already streaming, and reportedly setting record numbers for Amazon Prime Video, comedian Sacha Baron Cohen is still pumping out new content as his satirical Kazakh "journalist," Borat Sagdiyev. If it wasn't clear that this year's Borat Subsequent Moviefilm was made in response to our current political climate, and perhaps with hopes of influencing vote's decisions during this year's election, a new video from Borat's official Twitter account has Cohen making a plea to a large swathe of American voters with an unlikely message: asking women to not vote during tomorrow's election because it will mean President Donald Trump will lose.

"This is important message. Womens, do not vote tomorrow, we hear if you do then glorious Premiere Trump will lose," Borat says, tongue firmly in his cheek. "This is because like moths into a fire, you ladies are attracted by dangerous ideas like honesty, fairness, and consent. Do not believe Democrat lies that Premiere Trump do not like womens, he really like them. Twenty-six accusers cannot all be lying. He value ladies very much, up to $180k if they really pretty."

The character continues, "If he stay in power and out of jail, similar moneys could be going to you. This called Trump'strickle down economy. Premiere Trump very pro-womens as he has made clear: your body, his choice. Womens of US&A, this is the most important election of our lifetime, so leave it to the men." Watch the video for yourself in the player above.

Five days after the Borat sequel was released, Amazon announced that "tens of millions" of its customers streamed the new film and within the first few hours of the watch party held on Thursday, October 22 over a million-plus tuned in and interacted with Borat live, taking part in a worldwide dance party.


“Sacha has masterfully created one of the most well received films of these unprecedented times - showcasing some of the best and the worst of us, wrapped in one outrageous moment after another," Jennifer Salke, Head of Amazon Studios said. "But at its core, Borat 2 is a heartwarming story of a father daughter relationship and of female empowerment seen through a hysterical, satirical lens. With the tremendous launch of this global, tentpole movie, it’s clear our customers around the world want content that is both relevant and entertaining.”

Borat Subsequent Moviefilm is now streaming on Amazon Prime.