Sacha Baron Cohen Shares Borat Sequel Deleted Scene, Where He Had To Flee Gun Rally

In bringing the Borat sequel Borat: Subsequent Moviefilm to life, Sacha Baron Cohen put himself in a good bit of danger at times. The actor posing as a foreigner at political events making an effort to prompt inappropriate statements from supporters actually had to wear a bulletproof vest through much of the protection. In a deleted sequence from the film, the actor is chased off the stage at a gun rally in Washington State. As it turns out, one of his security guards prevented a person at the rally from taking aim at Cohen while the actor fled the scene.

The scene which was deleted from Borat Subsequent Moviefilm can be seen in the video above, as it played on A Late Show with Stephen Colbert. "It was going great. I was essentially singing a song called 'The Wuhan Flu.' Everyone was singing along," Cohen recalls. In the movie, a version of this effort makes the cut where Cohan portrays a character getting people at a rally to spew vile sentiments about the coronavirus.

"The problem was was that some of the militia groups that were in this rally had been antagonizing the Black Lives Matter protest," Cohen shared. "So, as revenge, some of the Black Lives Matter protesters were coming over to confront them. I didn't know anything about this. They had sent some members of their, some of their members, Black Lives Matter protesters to go undercover at the rally. So, I was going undercover and so were they. They were there as spotters to see what was going on because there were a bunch of Black Lives Matter protesters coming down the road for a confrontation. They see me on stage and everyone singing along and some of them realized. One of them went, 'Oh my god, it's Sacha Baron Cohen.' Starts laughing. Tells the other one. Word got out that it was me and then the organizers and a lot of people in the crowd got very angry. They tried to storm the stage. Luckily for me, I had hired the security, so it took them a while to actually storm the stage."

As the footage shows, Cohen rushed off the stage and into an ambulance which he had been using as an escape vehicle. People chased him and tried to get in as he called for his crew to drive away quickly for his own safety.

Borat Subsequent Moviefilm is available now on Amazon Prime Video.