Samuel L. Jackson Prepared For Nick Fury Role By Watching David Hasselhoff

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In this week's Entertainment Weekly, we are treated to three different Avengers covers, one featuring a very hairy Hulk. There is also a roundtable interview with Joss Whedon and the stars from The Avengers. While very little is offered in the way of Avengers spoilers, the presence of all the Avengers in a group interview led to some pretty hilarious responses. Our favorite response by far though had to come from one Samuel L. Jackson. While many of the other actors and one actress credited comic books and wikipedia with helping them prepare for their roles, Samuel L. Jackson had quite a different response. When asked how he prepared, Jackson said, "I watched David Hasselhoff… and decided I was not going to do any of that." Whedon then had to explain to the other Avengers stars that Hasselhoff played Nick Fury in a low budget TV movie. In regards to The Avengers movie, Whedon also joked about Hasselhoff, "He wasn't available, so we got Sam." So there you have it, David Hasselhoff played a part in the new Avengers movie by providing Samuel L. Jackson with the perfect primer on how not to play his Nick Fury role. Here's hoping "The Hoff" is still unavailable when the sequel roles around, because we would hate to see Samuel L. Jackson replaced. The Hoff-free Avengers will premiere in theaters in the United States on May 4, 2012.