Scott Pilgrim vs. the World Cast Reuniting for Script Read on July 20th

Films based on Marvel or DC Comics characters may have been dominating the box office in recent [...]

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Films based on Marvel or DC Comics characters may have been dominating the box office in recent years, but back in 2010, director Edgar Wright delivered audiences an adaptation of Bryan Lee O'Malley's beloved Scott Pilgrim series with Scott Pilgrim vs. The World, with Wright and the star-studded cast reuniting in honor of its 10th anniversary for a virtual table read on Monday, July 20th. In addition to the event being an exciting opportunity for the cast and crew to honor the fans who have been championing the film for the past decade, it will also serve as a fundraiser for Water for People.

"Thank you, Scott Pilgrim fans! Without you, there would be no ten-year anniversary celebration," the cast and crew shared in a statement. "And then we wouldn't be able to bring you Scott Pilgrim Vs the World Water Crisis, brought to you not-at-all-live from the comfort of our homes during a global pandemic quarantine shut-down. This is definitely how we imagined marking this birthday."

Participating in the event will be Michael Cera, Mary Elizabeth Winstead, Chris Evans, Aubrey Plaza, Ellen Wong, Kieran Culkin, Mark Webber, Johnny Simmons, Alison Pill, Satya Bhabha, Mae Whitman, Brandon Routh, and Jason Schwartzman. they will be joined by Wright, co-writer Michael Bacall, and author-artist O'Malley.

"A quick word: When we recorded this earlier in May, the biggest thing on our minds was COVID-19 and quarantine. We wanted to see each other, revisit the insanity that is Scott Pilgrim vs the World, and do some good by raising money for a cause we care about. So much has changed since then, and so much has not..." the statement added. "As the conversation in the US has shifted to systemic racism, we've all been forced to take hard looks at our biases and our bigotry. It's high time. And we also know that systemic racism isn't only an American problem. This is a global issue, one that hits the poorest in the world particularly hard. So to address these needs, and help prevent the spread of this or any other pandemic, we're joining with Water For People. They know how to work with local leaders to build community support and self-sustaining systems so that people have clean water and sanitation solutions."

Dolby Cinema is also aiming to honor the film with a re-release, dependent on the status of theater reopenings due to the pandemic. The Scott Pilgrim vs. the World reading will be available on on Monday, July 20th at 1 p.m. ET.

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