Sharknado Releases Barbenheimer-Themed Posters To Celebrate Its Tenth Anniversary

'Sharknado,' the mother of all portmanteau jokes at the movies, is celebrating 'Barbenheimer.'

Heading into the final hours of a two-night theatrical stand for Sharknado, The Asylum and Rubey Entertainment today revealed a pair of new posters for the movie, which is celebrating its 10th anniversary with a remastered 4K version, complete with what they describe as hundreds of new effects shots. The movie, which originally aired on Syfy and became an unexpected phenomenon, is one of the progenitors of the hilarious portmanteau trend that would make "Barbenheimer" happen. Before there was Cocaine Bear or VelociPastor, there was Sharknado, and it's clear that the dual releases of Barbie and Oppenheimer inspired the folks behind one of cinema's greatest mash-ups.

They have released a poster parodying Barbie and another paying homage to Oppenheimer, with iconography from Sharknado infused into both. With just a few hours left, if you want to catch Sharknado in theaters, you should get tickets now at

You can see the posters below.


Per press release, "It's the 10-year anniversary and Sharknado and the creators are bringing on the celebration. The Asylum and Rubey Entertainment present a special theatrical release of Sharknado: The 10th-Anniversary Edition, featuring an all-new remastered version with never-before-seen kills and thrills! Fans can catch the newly restored iconic moments from one of cinema's greatest cult classics for two nights only on in select movie theatres nationwide. Fully remastered in 4k with hundreds of new visual effects, the story of a freak tornado that attacks Los Angeles with gale0force winds, metric tons of water, and thousands of nature's most ruthless killers is finally ready for the big screen."

Throughout the '90s and '00s, the SYFY network was known to deliver audiences unbelievable experiences featuring outlandish premises. Whether they be monsters, aliens, or robots, the title of a film often garnered more excitement and delivered more creativity than the film itself. Understandably, the title "Sharknado" immediately conjured ludicrous imagery in the minds of audiences.

What really thrust Sharknado into the spotlight was the attention of the then-burgeoning social media platform Twitter, as various prominent users were quick to share posts about their reactions to the ridiculous movie. This live-tweeting of an early broadcast drew thousands of viewers to the movie, making it an unexpected hit. 

Over the next decade, the Sharknado franchise would spawn five sequels, the last of which is 2018's The Last Sharknado: It's About Time. As the title implies, that final film incorporated elements of time travel, with the events of that final film seeing a timeline correction that reset the events of the outlandish franchise back to the beginning.

Sharknado plays in select theaters on August 15th and 16th. You can head to to see participating theaters and purchase tickets.