Silver & Black Director Speaks Out on the Cancelled Spider-Man Spinoff and Disney+ Potential

As you might expect, it would seem like Silver & Black is in a state of perpetual purgatory as [...]

As you might expect, it would seem like Silver & Black is in a state of perpetual purgatory as Sony decides what it wants to do — if anything — with the project. At one point, Gina Prince-Bythewood was attached to direct the feature that would introduce both Black Cat and Silver Sable to the masses via Sony's Universe of Marvel Characters. One thing led to another and eventually, the studio split the property into two solo movies featuring the respective characters. In one recent press stop (via THR), Prince-Bythewood joked she would write a book about the whole ordeal if she could.

"(Laughs.) That's a book! Things are the status quo on my side," the director says of the project. "I really love that project, and I do hope it can still happen in some way. It keeps going through different thoughts."

That's when Prince-Bythewood details the decision-making process behind the split of the characters, even suggesting the property could somehow make it's way to...get this...Disney+. "First, it was going to be the two of them, and then the decision was made to separate the two," she adds. "Now, there's a thought of 'Hey, maybe we put it on Disney+ as a limited series,' but I loved it more as a film with the two of them. So, my hope is that one day it can still happen."

Admittedly, the Disney+ suggestion is the most puzzling of the entire quote — after all, Silver & Black and the characters it involved are property of Sony due to the characters being part of the expansive Spider-Man library. As you should know by now, Disney+ is owned by Disney, an entirely separate business entity from Sony. That's a little bit of a head-scratcher, right?

Since news Silver & Black has started to circulate, other movies featuring Nightwatch and Madame Webb have also entered various stages of development. As always, there's the constant chatter of Sony finally building up to the Sinster Six movie the studio has always wanted to produce. The film has as real of a chance as happening as ever as long-time Spidey villains Vulture (Michael Keaton), Venom (Tom Hardy), Carnage (Woody Harrelson), and Mysterio (Jake Gyllenhaal) amongst others have been introduced in live-action.

Sony currently has Venom 2 and Morbius scheduled for next summer.

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