The Spawn Movie Is Coming to HBO Max

The Spawn movie is coming to HBO Max next month and fans are looking forward to it. December 1st will be the big day for the streaming platform. Spawn is one of the more mature entries for a comic book movie and people have been missing that. For those wanting their fix of the character right now, the animated series is playing on HBO’s streaming service right now. That series aired from 1997-99 and 18 episodes. Those three seasons might not have the lofty count of some other animated series from that decade, but they were impactful. Spawn’s show won an Emmy back in 1999 for Outstanding Animation Program. Keith David of course brought Spawn to life and fans have never forgotten that velvety voice as the years have gone by. Todd McFarlane had a big hand in bringing that vision to the small screen as well.’s Jim Viscardi talked to the Spawn creator earlier this year, and McFarlane explained why there aren’t any FunkoPops! of the character out there. A bunch of the fans wonder why they couldn't get the actual character in that format.

“No, the simple answer to that one is no,” McFarlane said. “I mean they probably don’t want to sell pit of Hell toys to the 6-year-olds and the moms. So, sometimes I think that once they do the content, When they do their homework, they say, ‘Woah, woah, woah! We thought this was going to be a fun comicbook, but we see there’s some serious subject matter underneath it.’”

“So, I’ve told this story before, it’s what happened at the very beginning when we started Image,” he added. “We started Spawn and it rocketed up the charts and became the number one selling comic. Everyone came out, but I was like, ‘You might want to do your homework.’ Because there was a lot of kid product people coming at me. Then, they read a couple of issues and went, ‘Wow. We shouldn’t put this kangaroo on our kangaroo pajamas.’ The pit of hell stuff.”

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