Todd McFarlane Teases 'Spawn' Movie News Coming Soon

With its primary cast finally assembled, the upcoming Spawn film is getting closer to heading into [...]

With its primary cast finally assembled, the upcoming Spawn film is getting closer to heading into production, with creator Todd McFarlane taking to Instagram to tease some big news being announced tomorrow at 12 pm CT.

McFarlane shared a video of himself posing next to a figure clad in the outfit worn in the 1997 movie, encouraging fans to come back on Wednesday at 12 pm CT to get the latest news. McFarlane also joked, "My dude Spawn and I are lookin' GOOD in this lighting... I think he's been working out."

Jamie Foxx will be starring as the main character while Jeremy Renner has been tapped to play the detective Twitch, the character through which the audience will see the supernatural events unfold.

The upcoming adaptation of the character will be drastically different from not only the previous incarnation of the character, but other Marvel and DC Comics films that audiences have grown accustomed to seeing.

"Well, you know, I'm gonna do some simple stuff that isn't with the norm," McFarlane previously shared with "Even just going R-rated takes it out of the PG-13 category. Now, with it being R, we've now seen a couple of examples of that. Deadpool and Logan seem to be. Venom, I think Venom is gonna be R-rated. So, I'm hoping that our category succeeds. So that it will broaden the thought process of the studio executives to go, 'Oh, it doesn't have to be something on screen that sells a bunch of toys and T-shirts. It can just be a something that's a little more gritty.'"

He added, "For me, I know that I'm at the far end of R. Like, true drama, dark, serious R. I'm treating it as a real movie, minus the one thing that's in there that will be fantastic with this R. So, minus that, everything is gritty. There are no arch villains. There's no headquarters. There are no big ray guns. There are none of some of the trappings that we're used to in some of the other big movies."

Make sure to check in with McFarlane tomorrow about the news surrounding the project.

Stay tuned for details about the upcoming Spawn adaptation.

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