'SpongeBob SquarePants' Celebrates Oscar Nominees With Parody Movie Posters

The 91st Academy Awards are being held this weekend, and a certain cartoon sponge is getting hyped [...]

The 91st Academy Awards are being held this weekend, and a certain cartoon sponge is getting hyped for them in a pretty endearing way.

The official Twitter account for Spongebob Squarepants recently shared several parody posters, which imagine the various characters in the show's ensemble as the focus of Oscar-nominated movies. You can check them out below.

The parody posters are weirdly endearing, ranging from a young Patrick Star serving as the inspiration for A Sea Star is Born, to Squidward channeling his best Emily Blunt in the A Quiet Space poster. There's even a take on Marvel's Black Panther, which earned a historic seven nominations at this year's Oscars.

"You're going to hear me say the name 'Ryan Coogler' constantly on this phone call," Marvel Studios president Kevin Feige said of the film's Oscar recognition. "To me, the best thing a producer can do is find a person with something to say, who has a story to tell and can tell it in a way that the world responds to. That's what Mr. Coogler has done for us."

"With what Ryan was doing, what he had to say, and vouching for crew members that we had not worked with before but that he believed in — he came in and blew us away with initial sort of presentations to get the job," Feige said in a previous interview. "For them to have stepped up and knocked it out of the park the way they did is incredible. It comes down to a filmmaker who has such a deft hand at being able to balance something that is going to have entertainment value with being true to his soul and being true to the questions he had growing up."

Regardless of whoever ends up taking home a trophy at Sunday's Oscars, it's hard to deny that the awards play a small part in this year's unique pop culture landscape. Spongebob is earning its own sort of accolade in 2019 as well, with the Nickelodeon show planning a year-long celebration in honor of the show's 20th anniversary.

"The tiny residents of Bikini Bottom have held the world's attention for a remarkable 20 years and we owe it all to the monumental creator Stephen Hillenburg," Ramsey Naito, EVP, Animation Production and Development, Nickelodeon, said in a statement. "This anniversary special is a love letter to everyone in the universe of SpongeBob, from the fans across the globe to the incredible creative team, crew and talent who continue to bring these great characters to life."

The 91st Academy Awards will be held this Sunday at 8/7c on ABC.