Star Wars: Five Strangest Stories

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With Disney's acquisition of Lucasfilm, Star Wars is big news again. Every little snipped of Star Wars news becomes a major story on every movie site, and controversies often erupt over the least little thing. It's doubtful that fans we'll see much new Star Wars news over the holidays, as Kathleen Kennedy has indicated an another announcement won't come until January. With that in mind, decided to take a look back at some of the strangest Star Wars stories we have covered over the last several weeks. 5. Corey Feldman Wants To Play Han Solo's Son –There are a lot of people clamoring for a role in Star Wars Episode VII, but Cory Feldman's idea has to be one of our favorites. The eighties star wants to play Han Solo's son, because he resembles Harrison Ford. 4. Star Wars Fans Building A Millennium Falcon – While there are a lot of fans that collect Star Wars action figures and toys, there are a group of fans that want to take it to the next level and build a full scale replica of the Millennium Falcon. And the idea is more than just wishful thinking, as the people behind the project have already procured land and started working on some of the parts. 3. Jedi Knight Academy Mistake – It was the Star Wars mistake heard around the world. Tucked away in an article on the relationship between Star Wars and the Maya apocalypse, Reuters let slip that part of the plot for Star Wars Episode VII was that Luke Skywalker would be building a Jedi Knight academy. It quickly became a major story on numerous entertainment sites, as everyone believed that it must have some accuracy coming from Reuters. However, it turns out that the writer later admitted that it was just a mistake in his story. 2. Star Wars Home Makeover – In one of the strangest controversies we've ever heard, Deadline reported on a Star Wars fan that was upset over seeing Stormtroopers building a house on Extreme Makeover Home Edition, because they felt it was the Disney parent company of both Lucasfilm and ABC ruining the Star Wars legacy. However, at the time, the Disney acquisition of Lucasfilm had yet to be approved, and the episode was filmed well before the acquisition was ever announced. Plus, the Stormtroopers in question were not hired actors but were actually members of the 501st Legion, which is an organization known for doing charity work. 1. Petition To Build A Death Star – Ever since the White House created an online petition system, there have been quite a few oddball petitions to surface. To the delight of Star Wars fans everywhere, one of the most unusual petitions to gain traction was a petition to have the U.S. government begin construction of a Death Star by 2016. The Death Star petition reached its 25,000 signature goal with a day to spare, and now the White House administration has to issue an official response.