Star Wars Spinoff Writer Gary Whitta Praises Guardians of the Galaxy: "Making My Job Even Harder"

There have been plenty of comparisons to Star Wars raised since critics started seeing Guardians of the Galaxy, not least of all is a recurring "The Star Wars of its generation" praise that Marvel is using in promo materials for the film.

Does that have any impact on the people who are actually working on Star Wars?

Well, at the very least, they're taking notice. Like every other filmmaker this weekend, it seems some of the Star Wars talent had some things to say about James Gunn's sci-fi superhero masterpiece.

With tongue firmly in cheek, screenwriter Gary Whitta (who is currently writing a Star Wars spinoff) says so. Here's his response to news that Guardians of the Galaxy made $160.4 million worldwide this weekend for the biggest August opening ever:

It wasn't the first or only comments he made about Guardians this weekend, though; Whitta is clearly a big fan:


Whitta, who also wrote The Book of Eli and contributed to Telltale Games' first season of The Walking Dead, will write an as-yet-untitled Star Wars project for director Gareth Edwards (Godzilla). It's expected to hit theaters in 2016.