Star Wars: The Force Awakens Could Drive Best Christmas Day Box Office Ever

(Photo: Lucasfilm)

So, what records are left for Star Wars: The Force Awakens to break that it actually can? Well, Christmas Day should bring one more victory to the Star Wars column.

Christmas Day was the third-highest in advance ticket sales for The Force Awakens, and a strong backup lineup of films to support it should make this Christmas - and Christmas weekend - one for the record books. It doesn't hurt that Christmas Day also falls on a Friday this year, giving more fuel to the optimistic outlook. It looks like the weekend could pull in upwards of $300 million overall according to current estimates, a new record high that would beat the $280 set in 2009 (under new rival film Avatar and Sherlock Holmes' opening). To beat the Christmas Day solo total, The Force Awakens would need a mere $24.7 million (to beat the aforementioned Sherlock Holmes' opening day record), and at this point, that seems a better bet than not.

On top of Star Wars: The Force Awakens, there will be the limited release of The Hateful Eight, Revaenant, and The Big Short, plus wide releases of Joy, Daddy's Home, Point Break, and Oscar hopeful Concussion.

Star Wars will also be shooting for an all-time second weekend, another number set by Jurassic World this year at $106.6 million.