Star Wars: The Force Awakens Set to Overtake Jurassic World in Worldwide Box Office This Weekend


It will only take four weekends for Star Wars: The Force Awakens to pass Jurassic World on the worldwide box office chart, analysts confirm. At some point in the next three days, the December-release juggernaut will defeat last June's own juggernaut to become the #3 all-time highest global grosser. With an estimated less than $70 million to do worldwide to reach the goal, the new ranking should hit sometime Saturday.

Force did about $6 million on Thursday in domestic box office, bringing that total, already an all-time record (without inflation adjustment), to $770 million. International numbers for Thursday were not released at press time, but THR estimates say it was north of $17 million, passing $1.6 billion worldwide.


The Force Awakens is expected to top theaters in North America this weekend with ease, as early forecasts call for around a $50 million weekend. It would need to eclipse $50.3 million to pass Avatar for the all-time highest fourth weekend, which may be just steep enough of a goal to let James Cameron's 3D epic hang onto one more record. The movie also opens in China on Saturday, which should give an indication of how high the film will go overall (whether it reaches $2 billion or even has a chance of hitting Avatar's all-time worldwide record).