Star Wars: The Last Jedi Actress Had No Idea How Her Scene Would Help Motivate the Entire Film

The events of Star Wars films are closely guarded secrets by their cast and crew, with Star Wars: The Last Jedi star Van Veronica Ngo knowing so little about how her character Paige Tico factored into the overall film, it wasn't until the actual premiere when she realized how much her one line impacted the rest of the film. With Paige sacrificing herself early on in the film, it served as the major emotional inspiration for Kelly Marie Tran's Rose Tico to take down The First Order, while her sacrificial act also helped deliver a devastating blow to the villainous organization, resulting in them pursuing the Resistance throughout the rest of the film.

"I remember being nervous and scared going into the project because they are so strict," Ngo revealed to Insider of the secrecy surrounding the role. "It's understandable, because it's so big, but I couldn't see anything, read the script, take any pictures. Thankfully I had just one line."

In addition to being oblivious to the narrative impact of her role, Ngo was also unaware of what her surroundings would ultimately look like, due to how minimal the set was that she worked on, resulting in her feeling nearly as overwhelmed by the sequence as general audiences.

"I saw the explosion on the screen and I was like, 'Holy s---, I did that!'" the actress pointed out. "When I shot it I had no idea how big the ship was or the ship I was bombing, I just acted the way [director] Rian [Johnson] told me. The way it turned out, it was a great feeling."

Luckily, even though Paige's time on screen was limited, fans were given more of her adventures in two different tie-in books.

In Star Wars: The Last Jedi - Cobalt Squadron, "New York Times best-selling author Elizabeth Wein (Code Name Verity, Rose Under Fire) journeys to a galaxy far, far away to bring readers the harrowing story of the courageous bomber pilots and technicians of Cobalt Squadron!"

In Star Wars: The Last Jedi - Bomber Command, "Complete with stories, bomber schematics, and personal profiles, Paige Tico's journal will immerse readers in the world of the pilots and technicians of Cobalt Squadron. Discover secrets and insights from this courageous pilot as she reveals more about her past, her sister Rose, and her journey with the Resistance. With detailed sketches and eight large gatefolds, Paige's journal is perfect for readers looking for a glimpse inside the life of a bomber in the galaxy."


Given her fate in The Last Jedi, we don't expect to see Ngo return as the character, but with her many adventures prior to her on-screen introduction, we can't rule it out completely.

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