Stitch Crashes Disney's The Little Mermaid in New May Release

Stitch is crashing the world of Disney's The Little Mermaid in a new release this month! As the [...]

Stitch is crashing the world of Disney's The Little Mermaid in a new release this month! As the fan-favorite breakout character from Lilo and Stitch was first being introduced to Disney audiences before the film's official premiere, part of the fun was a series of promos featuring Experiment 626 invading classic Disney animated feature films such as Beauty and the Beast, The Lady and the Tramp, and more. Disney has not forgotten how fun these were either as they have released a series of special takes on Stitch as the cuddly alien friend breaks into all sorts of new Disney worlds.

Earlier releases in this special Stitch Crashes Disney collaborations included Beauty and the Beast, Lady and the Tramp, and most recently, The Lion King. Now Stitch has made his way into The Little Mermaid as Disney launched the Stitch Crashes Disney: The Little Mermaid collection on Check out a close look at the Stitch Crashes The Little Mermaid plush below:

Stitch Crashes Disney The Little Mermaid Plush
(Photo: Disney)

The Stitch Crashes Disney: The Little Mermaid collection launched on May 14th on, and features a Stitch that has gotten an appropriately under the sea makeover for his fur. This includes not only the main Stitch plush, but a jumbo pin, coffee mug, and T-shirt with this special Stitch makeover. Disney describes the full collection as such:

"Inspired by the original Lilo & Stitch film trailers from 2002 featuring Stitch crashing classic Disney film scenes, this monthly, limited release series of collectible premium plush puts a new spin on the adored extraterrestrial. Each release honors a different, beloved Disney film. This month's enchanted entry is inspired by The Little Mermaid to make this undersea Stitch part of your world."

This The Little Mermaid infused take on Stitch was originally planned to release in April as part of the monthly schedule for the Stitch Crashes Disney collection, so that could mean that there are even more surprises in store than fans could expect to ever see! With the other months now shrouded in mystery, you might want to keep an eye out to see which Disney world Stitch decides to crash into next!

What do you think of Stitch's crashing into The Little Mermaid? Which Disney worlds would you like to see Stitch crash into next? Which of these special crossovers has caught your eye the most so far? Let us know your thoughts about Stitch and all things Disney in the comments!