Stitch Crashes Disney Classics With New Beauty and the Beast Crossover Products, More to Come

Disney fans have a lot to look forward to in 2021 as shopDisney has big plans for new Stitch products releasing this year. And because Stitch is involved, the alien escapee has to be getting into some mischief, and these new pins and plush dolls will likely appeal to the diehard Disney collectors. The new products are inspired by the original Lilo & Stitch trailers from 2002, when the six-limbed creature is shown crashing iconic scenes from various Disney movies throughout history. So expect to see Stitch showing up in movies like The Little Mermaid, Aladdin, The Lion King, and more.

Stich will get the first product crossover with Beauty and the Beast later this month, and is here to reveal the first installment in this ongoing line. Take a look below!

lilo and stitch crashes disney beauty and the beast
(Photo: Disney)

The Stitch Crashes Disney collection will run throughout 2021, with new installments coming every month throughout the year. The Beauty and the Beast collection will be available on on January 12th, going on sale in Disney Stores on January 16th.

The plan is for Stitch to crossover with a bunch of your other Disney favorites as the program continues. New products are set to be released on the third Saturday of each month in stores and the Tuesday before online through MerchPass on

Walt Disney World will also be offering new Magic Bands for people who wish to attend the theme park in Orlando. Disney also plans to release more t-shirts and mugs, to be released shortly after the onsale date for the plush dolls and pins.

Check out this link on January 12th if you're interested in snagging these exclusive Stitch and Beauty and the Beast crossover items.