Suicide Squad: Ayer Cut Gets Endorsement from Cedric the Entertainer

Fans of David Ayer's Suicide Squad just got an Ayer Cut endorsement from Cedric the Entertainer. People have started on this train ever since the Snyder Cut fans got their wish in the form of Zack Snyder's Justice League. Despite James Gunn's The Suicide Squad going forward with production, there are those that would like to see Ayer get his chance to put his unfettered vision on-screen somehow. This week, the group of fans decided to call in some backup from one of the Original Kings of Comedy. Cedric is his usual charming self in the video as he tries to rally the troops on the Cameo app. Time will only tell if the message reaches decision-makers over at Warner Bros. They've acknowledged the situation in some tweets, but nothing concrete is on the horizon.

"HBO Max, AT&T, listen, y'all gotta release the Ayer Cut of Suicide Squad," Cedric begins. "It's time. The Ayer Cut, man, we're all waiting for it. You know what I mean? That's the one. And everybody, you all know this, when we do this all the proceeds will go to charity. We want y'all to ask for it. Hit em up! And then, bring back Jared Leto as the Joker, and do the Harley Quinn/Joker movie. That's necessary! Quit playing, The Ayer Cut! Let's get it! Let's go. I want to see it, I know you want to see it. Suicide Squad gang, let's go baby!"

Earlier this year, the director made his case on Twitter, "It is simply not my call or my IP. I love WB - it's always been my 'home studio' I fully respect and support the incredible path the DCU is taking under their stewardship. My cut of Suicide Squad may always be just a rumor. And that's just fine."'s Brandon Davis also covered the hashtag when it really started picking up steam in May.

"The director recently revealed some major details of his cut, such as Diablo having survived the movie and Deadshot and Harley Quinn having found a romance. Other changes include the flashback sequence establishing the histories of the characters who join the team having played out in real time, unlike the theatrical cut of the film," Davis explained. "Having already made money with Suicide Squad at the box office, putting the same additional money into Suicide Squad as they are into Justice League might be of interest for AT&T if they're looking for content which would drive subscribers for HBO Max. Then again, James Gunn's The Suicide Squad is set for release in August of 2021, and having two Suicide Squad titles releasing close to each other might not be of interest."


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