Tenet & New Mutant Pirated Versions Already Appear Online

The New Mutants and Tenet have surfaced online in pirated form. Both films opened in theaters internationally over the recent weekend while Tenet is yet to make its debut in the United States. This happens in the midst of theaters and chains trying to make a push for ticket sales as most all theaters around the world had to close their doors by mid-March as the world learned about the coronavirus pandemic and the necessary steps to prevent its spread. Theaters in the United States reopened in August and these two films, along with Unhinged, have been scheduled as the first new theatrical releases.

Tenet has seen a strong push from Warner Bros. as a film which should be experienced in theaters. The Christopher Nolan directed science fiction thriller hauled in $53 million overseas in its debut weekend, a number which the studio will certainly be proud of from a financial point of view.

Tenet earned a five-star review from ComicBook.com. "Tenet is truly a marvel, especially when seen on the biggest screen possible with a sound system to rock the floor beneath your feet," the official review reads. "The film offers a story and overall experience which will still satisfy those who cannot get safely to a movie theater, do not yet feel comfortable gathering in such an environment, or don’t currently have such an option whenever they are afforded the eventual opportunity to watch it in their own homes, as well."

The New Mutants earned a two-star review from ComicBook.com. "These final-act triumphs are frustratingly hampered by an ending that's nothing short of lackluster. It just fizzles out into nothing until the credits roll," the official review reads. "Boone was clearly trying to give it an ending with purpose and meaning, but it's hard to find purpose in the stories of these characters when they are never given the chance to complete any of their individual arcs, or experience any type of actual growth. All of their fears and issues are set up early on, but most are never addressed or conquered. Yet, there they are in the final scene, acting as if they've all been through some personal revolution."

There is no word on when Tenet or The New Mutants will officially be released in on demend or other home theater style options. The New Mutants is now playing in theaters. Tenet opens in theaters in the U.S. on Friday.