Terrifier 2 Offers Official Bloody Look at Art the Clown

The filmmakers behind the upcoming Terrifier 2 shared a first look at the sequel just last week, debuting a photo of star Lauren LaVera, but with the real star of the original film being the horrifying Art the Clown, the sequel's official Facebook page revealed a bloody first look at the villain's return. Production on the sequel was mostly completed by the time the coronavirus pandemic resulted in movie and TV productions around the world being put on an indefinite hiatus, allowing the project to begin moving forward in the editing process until the quarantine is lifted and principal photography can be fully completed.

The new film is described, "After being resurrected by a sinister entity, Art the Clown returns to Miles County where he must hunt down and destroy a teenage girl and her younger brother on Halloween night. Pray you don’t get in his way."

The original film debuted in 2016 to little fanfare, given the independent nature of the release, with its debut on streaming services allowing audiences around the world to discover it more easily. In 2017, a new take on Stephen King's IT landed in theaters, giving audiences an all-new incarnation of Pennywise the Dancing Clown. With that film going on to become one of the year's biggest hits, horror fans grew even more interested in checking out terrifying tales featuring clowns, giving Terrifier a major boost in viewership.

Despite not having the same notoriety as the IT franchise, fans of the original Terrifier proved to be immensely passionate, as evidenced by the sequel's crowdfunding campaign. While the filmmakers found producers to help fund the follow-up, a campaign was launched seeking fan contributions to pull off one specific sequence. Within the first 24 hours of the campaign's launch, it earned more than double its goal.

"Without beating around the bush, I wrote an EPIC scene in the screenplay for Terrifier 2 that we currently do not have enough money to shoot," director Damien Leone detailed of the scene in question in the campaign. "Without spoiling all the juicy, gory details, the scene will involve mass casualties and the destruction of its location, BUT it is the context of the scene that truly makes it so original. We're aiming to create a scene so shocking and iconic that people will talk about it for years to come. Imagine if Art the Clown was in charge of the prom mayhem in Carrie...meets David Lynch...meets Maniac....just sayin'."


Stay tuned for details on Terrifier 2.

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