The Craft Reboot Producer Says He's Really Happy With New Film

While it might not have been a major success initially, 1996's The Craft has earned a passionate [...]

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While it might not have been a major success initially, 1996's The Craft has earned a passionate following over the years, which has the horror world excited for the upcoming reboot of the subject matter. Fans have even more reasons to be excited about the project as producer Doug Wick recently sharing how pleased he is with the new film. It might seem like a given that a producer would be excited for a project they're delivering, but Wick also served as the producer of the original film, so for the filmmaker to express his pride over the new entry, it would seem as though it lives up to the standards he set with the initial adventure.

"It's always challenging, because I did The Craft so many years ago, and I started doing it because I just wanted to make a movie about teen-aged girls coming into their sexuality and as I was reading about it, I was reading that the age-old mythology for talking about female empowerment and fear of it was witchcraft," Wick shared with while promoting the 20th-anniversary 4K Ultra HD Blu-ray SteelBook of Gladiator. "So then I started going to writers to try and do that."

He added, "We talked to so many people and we found a really talented female writer/director [Zoe Lister-Jones] and we're happy with what she's doing, so we'll see."

The original film focused on a group of high schoolers who, feeling ostracized from their peers, found emotional strength by banding together, using this unique union to form a coven and practice the art of witchcraft on those who had tormented them. The young members of the coven in the new film are played by Cailee Spaeny (Pacific Rim: Uprising), Gideon Adlon (The Society), Lovie Simone (Selah & the Spades), and Zoey Luna (15: A Quinceañera Story).

Since the project was announced, many fans have wondered if it would be a direct remake of the source material or possibly a continuation of the narrative, with actress Michelle Monaghan previously describing the film as a "reimagining" to Collider.

"Zoe's just really smart and it was just a great time being on that set," Monaghan detailed. "Spooky, but also really timely and relevant in terms of what it's about and how she reimagined it. And it's Blumhouse and I've been wanting to work with Jason [Blum] for a while now so it was great to finally collaborate with him."

Stay tuned for details on The Craft reboot. Gladiator lands on 4K Ultra HD Blu-ray SteelBook on June 16th.

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