The Flash's Luke Brandon Field Talks Bringing Alberto Falcone to the Big Screen, Batman: The Long Halloween Connections, and More

Luke Brandon Field talks Alberto Falcone's DC Movie debut in The Flash and connections to Batman: The Long Halloween

The Flash brought back some fan favorites into the mix, but it also introduced several new characters or iterations of characters to the DC movie universe. That included Alberto Falcone, a well-known member of the supremely connected and always lethal Falcone family, and Alberto was brought to life by actor Luke Brandon Field. While Carmine Falcone has made several appearances, this is the first time Alberto has made it to the big screen, and in The Flash, we see Alberto mixing it up with The Flash, Batman, and even Wonder Woman. had the chance to speak to Field before the SAG-AFTRA Strike, and during that conversation, we talked about Alberto's big screen debut, the connections to Batman: The Long Halloween, and more.

Field already had ties to the Falcone family thanks to his friendship with Tom Wilkinson, who played Carmine in the Christopher Nolan-helmed Batman Begins and Dark Knight.  "What was interesting was when I was told who I was playing, I was like, 'Hang on, wait one second.' There have been other iterations of my comic book father, of course, and when I was growing up, I knew Tom Wilkinson. When I decided to become an actor, I got a scholarship at UCLA, and before I went, Tom gave me a lot of advice, and he was so nice," Field said.


"His daughter was a very good friend of mine growing up, so I was like, 'Oh my gosh, this is all very kismet.' And the fact that I got this wonderful advice from Tom when I was 18 moving to LA. I think when I graduated, he set me up a meeting with his manager. It didn't work out, but it was kind of like, 'Oh, it's like fatherly advice.' So it felt like this strange and wonderful and kismet at the same time," Field said.

After he got the part, Field went and re-watched Wilkinson's take on Carmine, a role that would later be brought to life by John Turturro in Matt Reeves' The Batman. At the time, The Batman hadn't come out yet though, but now Field's Alberto joins that Falcone family movie legacy.

"And then I sort of delved into, I re-watched his version of Carmine. At the time, The Batman hadn't come out yet, but I knew that there was going to be an iteration with Turturro. So obviously I went to see that and I was super proud," Field said. "It was almost like it was my family. I was like, 'Oh yeah, the Falcones. We're back.' And so that was really cool. Obviously, The Penguin television show, and they're kind of going into that as well, which I assume. So that was cool."

Field also dove into the comics, including the Jeph Loeb and Tim Sale classic Batman: The Long Halloween. "And then I was like, 'Okay, I'm going to delve into who he is.' So obviously the first thing I did, bought myself a copy of Loeb and Sale's Long Halloween and delved into that to understand a bit more about who Alberto is and this whole Holiday Killer aspect to it," Field said. "Which is obviously at the forefront of the book and whether or not he actually was the holiday killer, he claims he was, and then his relationship with his brother and his relationship with his father."

"And I just thought it was really cool that they wanted to have a little Easter egg of that in The Flash, and I was really happy to be part of this comic book, legendary family. And so to me, when I was coming in to play it, I wanted to be very versed with the whole Falcone literature," Field said.

While several members of the Falcone family have been represented in film and TV, this is Alberto's first time on the big screen. That has its own challenges obviously, but it is also freeing to an extent. "Yeah, this is the first time that we're seeing him. I think there's a bit of both in there. It is freeing because you are the first one, but it's also challenging because there are so many fans of the graphic novel, of that specific one," Field said. 

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"And there's a lot of fans who love that side of Gotham City, which is, you don't always have to be supervillains," Field said. "There is this very human side and there's a pressure to deliver and to try to bring as much integrity to that character. Hopefully, the comic book fans enjoy that and respect that and love the fact that this is the first iteration of him."

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Editor's note: This interview was conducted prior to the SAG actors' strike.