The Lone Ranger Loss To Be $160-190 Million For Disney

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It's no secret that The Lone Ranger was not a success at the box office and that Disney was going to lose money on the film. The Lone Ranger had an estimated production budget of $215 million and has only taken in $86 million at the domestic box office. During a Q3 2013 Walt Disney Earnings call, Disney CEO Bob Iger and Disney CFO Jay Rasulo confirmed just how much money Disney will lose on The Lone Ranger. According to Jay Rasulo, Disney will lose between $160 million to $190 million on The Lone Ranger. The operating loss will be taken by Disney in Q4 in accordance with current accounting rules. Overall Studio Entertainment revenues decreased 2% for Disney to $1.6 billion due in part to pre-release marketing costs for The Lone Ranger. While Iron Man 3 performed well and is 2013's highest grossing movie, it was going up against The Avengers for the prior-year quarter. Monster's University performed well in comparison to Brave from the prior year quarter helping to offset other lower theatrical results.