The Wolverine Movie Trailer Detailed Description

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The Schmoes Know show has a detailed description of The Wolverine trailer, which is scheduled to be released next week. They say the tone of the trailer is very dark. We've typed up a summary of what they described below, and the full broadcast description is also embedded below. It starts off and this Japanese woman comes up to Wolverine, and she says, "Wolverine, it's good to finally meet you." And he's like all disheveled and in like a hood, and he goes, "I don't go by that name anymore." And then, she's like, "I have someone that wants to meet you." So she brings him on to this plane, and this old Japanese man is on the plane, and he's just kind of chilling there. And it goes to this flashback, and you see this guy when he's a younger Japanese man, and this big explosion happens, and Wolverine shields him, and basically protects the guy. The Japanese guy goes, "I want to repay a debt." And it cuts to flashbacks, Wolverine is fighting on trains, and he's fighting a ninja with two swords, and the ninja slashes him badly. And the ninja is all happy with himself, and Wolverine stands up and the cuts just heal. Then, Wolverine destroys the ninja. Then, the old Japanese guy says you want to pay back some vendettas. Wolverine says, "You can't take away what's happened to me."  And he's like "Never say never." And then the trailer ends where Wolverine realizes that he can't heal himself anymore.