Time Running Out For Fans To Bring Wolverine Premiere Home


Fans have less than a week to vote for their hometown to host the premiere of next month's Wolverine movie. According to a CNBC.com report over the weekend, the current top vote-getting city was Davis, California. Davis was followed by Hastings, Nebraska; Austin, Texas; and Melbourne, Florida (not Australia). Despite the fact that many of the scenes for X-Men Origins: Wolverine were filmed in the land down under, the contest to host the film's premiere is restricted to US cities only. Before the contest began, Jackman gave details behind the contest in an announcement posted on Youtube. The city that receives the most votes not only will host the world premiere of the Wolverine movie, it will also be host to Jackman and several stars from the film. To procure the chance that the event will happen in their backyard, fans need to go to https://www.x-menorigins.com/premiere and enter their zip code for a chance to win. Some regions, like Brevard County, where Melbourne, Florida sits, are staging campaigns to boost their cities' standings. Over the weekend, the area's local news station, Central Florida News 13, posted a link to the Wolverine premiere contest and asked readers to vote for Melbourne's zip code. Fans have until Friday, April 17th to vote for their hometowns to host the event. Marvel will announce the winner on Monday, April 20.