Turning Red Releases Spotify Character Playlists

Turning Red made some Spotify playlists for all the main characters in the movie. Over on Disney Canada's page, you can check out what Meilin, Priya, Abby, and Miriam are listening to outside of the movie. Tons of people have become big fans of the quartet as they tried to help Mei navigate puberty. (There are some inspired selections, especially on Abby and Priya's side of things. Evanessence anyone?) Moments like this just go to show fans that Turning Red really was a major moment on Disney+. Encanto might still be in pole position for fan-attention this year. But, Mei's squad is gaining ground fast. Any playlist for these characters wouldn't be complete without 4-Town, and the boyband made for the movie is along for the ride too. Check out Disney Canada's tweet about this down here.

Adolescence, especially through the lens of early Y2K culture is hard to channel. But, Turning Red really manages to hit home for a wide number of viewers. Comicbook.com's Jenna Anderson had the chance to speak to producer Lindsey Collins about how they rendered an authentic portrayal of female friendship on-screen.

"It's so good. I think it's so easy to kind of go [with] the stereotypical 'girls not being nice, or being competitive, or mean to one another.' It was so instantly decided that was not the way we were going to represent the friendship in this movie, because, for all of us, we had friendships that were the oasis in the turmoil that is puberty," Collins began. "The ones where you felt like they were the only ones who could understand you at times, and give you the confidence to go to school and face the day, so to speak."

Anderson also had the chance to review the movie for Comicbook.com. She really enjoyed how Pixar's latest managed to thread the needle between coming of age and fantasy.

"All at once, Turning Red feels like a natural evolution for the realm of Pixar films, and also something absolutely revolutionary. I never would have expected to see an animated film of this caliber that is so focused on the teen-aged girl experience of embracing messiness and being true to yourself  — much less one that is wrapped in such a brilliant exterior," Anderson explained. "With endlessly impressive animation, an inspired approach to nostalgia, and a plot that is clever in all the right ways, Turning Red is about to (deservedly) be the world's next animated obsession."

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