Adam Sandler's Uncut Gems Now Streaming on Netflix

Netflix subscribers have made it clear that they adore Adam Sandler, as just about every movie he's in that appears on the streaming service hauls in a ton of views. Murder Mystery, a Netflix original that stars Sandler and Jennifer Aniston, was the streamer's most-watched original film in all of last year. Just Go With It, another Sandler/Aniston collaboration, is currently one of Netflix's top titles. Netflix and the Sandman are a match made in heaven, and the actor's most talked-about film role is now available on the service. That's right, Uncut Gems is finally streaming.

Directed by Josh and Benny Safdie, Uncut Gems is a relentless thriller about a jeweler named Howard Ratner (Sandler) who has a bit of a gambling problem. When his debts seem insurmountable, Howard bets everything on his riskiest wager yet, and things around him quickly spiral out of control. Beginning Monday morning, May 25th, Uncut Gems was made available on Netflix in the US.

Uncut Gems is not for the faint of heart, as it's more violent and intense than usual Sandler fare. It's also the beloved actor's very best performance. Many film fans had hoped Sandler would earn an Oscar nomination for his work in the Safdie Brothers' movie, though it didn't come to fruition.

A24 distributed Uncut Gems in theaters, but made a deal with Netflix to distribute it to other markets. Back in January, the film was released on Netflix in several other countries around the world, but not the United States. Netflix has said for some time, though, that Uncut Gems would be arriving this spring. Now that day has come.

Uncut Gems also stars Lakeith Stanfield, Idina Menzel, Julia Fox, and Kevin Garnett, who plays himself in the film.


Before Uncut Gems, the Safdie Brothers burst onto the scene with the thrilling feature Good Time, which starred newly-minted Batman actor Robert Pattinson. Good Time is also streaming on Netflix alongside Uncut Gems.

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