Tom Hiddleston Performs As Hank Williams Live

Loki has a new instrument: the guitar.

Last night, after I Saw The Light's premiere in Nashville, Tom Hiddleston took the stage at Acme Feed & Seed to perform the film's soundtrack, 100% in character.

Hiddleston started out his performance by graciously thanking I Saw The Light's writer/director Marc Abraham and the rest of the crew and proceeded to sing a set a five songs before a short break. He later returned after some of the party headed home for a more intimate show and stories from production.

Check out some of Hiddleston's performance as Hank Williams below. Keep your eyes peeled for Elizabeth Olsen dancing during Hiddleston's performance!

After the performance, Hiddleston told me he learned how to play and sing the songs featured in I Saw The Light in just five weeks!


I Saw The Light hits theaters March 25, 2016.