Westworld Star Wants to Play a Live-Action Disney Villain

An ever-growing number of classic Disney movies are getting remade and rebooted, allowing an entirely new generation to fall in love with their stories. Many of these reboots are being translated from animation into live-action, paving the way for some fan-favorite actors to step into the iconic roles. Evan Rachel Wood, whose filmography includes WEIRD: The Al Yankovic Story and the recently-concluded Westworld, recently revealed that she wants to add her name to that roster. In a recent interview with /Film, Wood addressed whether or not she would want to play another villain after WEIRD — and specifically cited that she'd love to play a Disney villain.

"Oh, man. I would love to," Wood revealed. "If there was another live-action Disney film, I would love to play a Disney villain or something along those lines. But it's funny, I don't like playing the villain most of the time. A lot of people say it's more fun, but I don't like being mean. [laughs] So it can be hard for me at times. This is the amount of villain I can do without feeling terrible."

Who does Evan Rachel Wood play in WEIRD: The Al Yankovic Story?

In WEIRD, which was just released on The Roku Channel, Wood portrays a satirical version of Madonna, whose romantic and personal dynamic with Daniel Radcliffe's Weird Al carries many of the events of the film. As Wood recently revealed to ComicBook.com, stepping into the role of such an iconic person was terrifying.

"The second I opened my mouth, you know, she's so iconic," Wood said. "It's just not something you wanna mess up, even in a, you know, a comedy. And so I told Eric [Appel], the director, when I was sent the script and they cast me, I was like, 'I want you to know that I'm going to give you my best Madonna. Like, I'm fully committing to this, I'm doing my research, and I'm gonna make it as good as I can in this setting.' And, you know, it was also less pressure because the wheels fly off, and we get to sort of be very heightened versions of these people and it's not really true. So that, that helped. But no, I took it very serious."

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