Here's When You Might Be Able to Tell Daredevil's Rights Are Back With Marvel Studios

As it stands now, the rights of the characters in Daredevil and Netflix's other shows in the DefendersVerse remain murky. It's been long-speculated that Netflix retained the live-action rights for the characters for two years after the cancellation of the shows, something introduced by the various actors involved with the shows. Should that be the case, the rights of the characters would start reverting to Marvel Studios as early as October for Iron Fist and Luke Cage, later this year for Daredevil, and early next year for Jessica Jones and The Punisher. The question has to be asked — will there be a definitive way to track when those rights have, in fact, reverted?

In short, no. Until Kevin Feige or a member of his team says they've been developing one of the characters, we won't know for sure. There might, however, be a way to tell when the rights return to Marvel thanks to the wonders of social media. Bust out the tinfoil hats, because we're about to go down a rabbit hole.

Over the past several months, the House of Ideas has started turning the social media pages for the Marvel Studios films into generic character-based pages. For example, instead of the Captain America Facebook page only promoting the Captain America trilogy and other Marvel Studios films, it's all about the character himself, regardless of the medium. Now, the pages promote movies, television, comics, video games, and the works.

I'm not sure if you've noticed, but the Marvel's Daredevil page originally set up for the Netflix show has a massive following. Despite not having shared anything for nearly two years, the page boasts an audience of 2.4 million followers. In a perfect world, the second that page would alter its planning to include content other than that from the Netflix series, it'd be a clear indicator Marvel had its digital media team on that page. With that many followers, it stands to reason Marvel would want its hands on the page if at all possible.

That said, there's virtually no precedence for the change. In fact, there might even be some evidence that'd debunk the idea. Take Spider-Man as an example. Sony has the massive Spider-Man page with 20 million followers and it focuses solely on Sony's live-action Spidey films. Marvel then has a much smaller Spider-Man page that follows content schedules similar to that of the revamped pages the publisher has recently implemented. A smaller page has yet to be set up for Daredevil, even though most would consider him an A-list character.

There's a lot of connecting imaginary dots throughout this whole situation and for all anyone knows, the rights could already be back. At the very least, it might be something to keep your eyes on for the time being.


All three seasons of Daredevil — plus all of the other DefendersVerse shows — are now streaming on Netflix.

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