Gal Gadot Wishes Wonder Woman Director Patty Jenkins A Happy Birthday

Gal Gadot is wishing her Wonder Woman 1984 director Patty Jenkins a very happy birthday, via a new social media post. Gal went on Twitter and posted a video of her and Jenkins laughing it up during a promo shoot, with the caption, "To my best friend. My soulmate. My mentor and the big sister I never had. I’m so grateful the world brought us together. Happy birthday". As Jenkins (49) celebrates her special day, this video perfectly captures the bond of friendship and warmth that she and Gagot have formed while also proving just how successful (and profitable) female-led films can be.

Gal certainly has enough to celebrate; before she met Patty Jenkins her career highlights were supporting roles in big franchise ensembles (Fast & Furious, Batman v Superman), but Jekins' Wonder Woman movie made Gal Gadot an international superstar. Wonder Woman made $821.8 million at the worldwide box office - but more importantly, it was the much-needed saving grace of the DC Universe film franchise at that point (2017), after the stumbles of Batman v Superman and Suicide Squad had the franchise facing some serious backlash. As it stands, Wonder Woman still stands as the most generally loved and fan-approved installment of the DCEU, which is why anticipation has remained high for the sequel film, Wonder Woman 1984.

Unfortunately, the coronavirus pandemic is keeping Wonder Woman 1984's release somewhat up in the air. The movie has bounced from its original June release to August, to October, where fans are now hoping against hope that it can hold the line for 2020 movies. However, with the coronavirus pandemic still spiking across the US, Warner Bros. has already pulled one major film that was already rescheduled (Tenet) without a firm new release date - and Wonder Woman 1984 could very well be delayed next.

Still, whenever the Wonder Woman sequel does arrive, it will pit Diana Prince (Gadot) against ruthless and extravagant '80s business tycoon Maxwell Lord (Pedro Pascal), whose mystical artifacts presumably mess with the forces of life and death (Chris Pine's return as Steve Trevor), and creates a deadly new threat (Kristen Wiig's Cheetah).

Wonder Woman 1984 is currently slated to hit theaters on October 2nd.

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