Wonder Woman 1984's Lindy Hemming Discusses SweeTARTS Partnership

Wonder Woman 1984's costume designer Lindy Hemming knows a thing or two about iconic apparel. Not only did she wholly design and build the Golden Armor for the upcoming DC Comics film starring Gal Gadot in the amazing new armor, but she crafted the look of Heath Ledger's Joker in The Dark Knight, Angelina Jolie's Lara Croft in Tomb Raider, and many more. The new DC Comics movie, however, offered Hemming an opportunity to do something brand new. Through a partnership with SweeTARTS, Hemming designed a Wonder Woman inspired carrying bag for the new Golden Ropes candy which have been awarded to sweepstakes winners. The candy is available now, while limited quantities of the bag might still be up for contests on some social platforms.

"It's a beautiful thing and it's the first time I've ever had to design a handbag," Hemming tells ComicBook.com in the interview seen in the video above. "So, I've designed all kinds of rucksacks and things for Bond and Tomb Raider, and all kinds of stuff like that. Even a rucksack for Batman, which was meant to contain his wings at one point or some kind of flying device, but I've never, ever designed a handbag before. So, there! It's a waste bag or a cross the body bag, a multiple function bag, it's fabulous though!"

Reflecting on some of her biggest hits, Hemming opened up about the joys her previous efforts have brought her, as well.

"I'm obviously, I mean, I didn't start doing fantasy films nor have anything to do with fantasy films really, but slowly after doing Bond, about five Bond films with Pierce Brosnan and Daniel Craig, I got drawn into the world of iconic people, iconic figures," Hemming said. "And so I suppose I did Angelina Jolie twice in Tomb Raider, and I then did a bit of Harry Potter and eventually slowly, I met Chris Nolan who I'd wanted to work with. And I did the three, his Batman trilogy. So the Batman Begins, The Dark Knight and The Dark Knight Rises. And I suppose I'm quite, really was quite proud of that collaboration and also of designing things like the Joker, with Heath Ledger and of course the new bat suit and Bane, Catwoman. So, you know, opportunities to re-look at all kinds of iconic figures."

Both Wonder Woman 1984 and the Golden Ropes handbag are going to have a potentially massive legacy if Hemming has her way. With a stellar resumé, the Oscar-award winning costume designer might be calling it a wrap on her career soon.

"I think you're lucky to do what you're asked to do," Hemming says. "I guess I actually would like to have a rest from super heroes really, and I either will retire or I'd like to do period costume because I haven't really, I've done some and I won an award for one, but I would like to try my hand at period costume or more, I suppose. That's my pitch to the world."


Wonder Woman 1984 is due out in theaters on October 2. SweeTARTS' Golden Ropes candy is available in stores now.

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