Wonder Woman 1984 Slips at Box Office Amidst Pandemic and Capitol Riot

Wonder Woman 1984 is down at the weekend box office once again. The film, which debuted on Christmas three weeks ago, has found itself struggling to rake in tickets sales like so many films before it. Thanks to a new report by Deadline, the box office totals have all been accounted for, and Wonder Woman 1984 is faring no better than movies did last year.

According to the update, Wonder Woman 1984 is down 45% this weekend after raking in just $3 million USD. The film is currently showing in just over 2,200 theaters nationwide, and its total box office sits at just under $33 million USD. Clearly, this total is underwhelming even in a pandemic has Tenent managed to gross $58 million USD stateside upon its release. But when you look at the pandemic's landscape in the United States, you will see why Wonder Woman 1984 is struggling.

Wonder Woman 1984 Global Box Office
(Photo: Warner Bros.)

Currently, COVID-19 is at levels which haven't been seen before in the United States. Roughly 60% of all theaters in the country are closed including the entirety of Regal. A good portion of AMC theaters are also shutdown in states like California and New York. This closure makes it difficult for Wonder Woman 1984 to even screen consistently, and more theaters stand to shutdown soon as the United States has failed to live up to its initial vaccination goals.

Of course, Wonder Woman 1984 has another venue where it can greet fans, but HBO Max has been tight-lipped with its data. The streaming service has not given any numbers on how the sequel impacted its viewership. Deadline suggests news on that front will be shared during the next AT&T earnings call. According to Exhibitor Relations, Wonder Woman 1984 did manage to nab over $7 million USD in Canada through VOD which brings the movie's global gross to $98.8 million.

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