Zachary Levi Open to Being in Live Action Tangled if Florence Pugh Plays Rapunzel

The original Flynn Rider wants to work with Florence Pugh.

Disney has dedicated much of the 21st century to bringing its sandbox of animated classics to live-action life. The House of Mouse's premier princesses like Belle and Ariel hit the big screen in Beauty and the Beast (2017) and The Little Mermaid (2023), respectively. Even fantastical creatures got a live-action makeover with the likes of Pete's Dragon (2016) and Dumbo (2019) being redone with photo-realistic CGI alongside a human ensemble cast. Disney has also not abided by any type of buffer time when it comes to spacing out the originals and the remakes, as evident by the upcoming live-action iteration of Moana, a Pixar project that is less than seven years old.

As evident by recent rumblings, another young animated Disney film could be getting a live-action reboot sooner than later. Tangled (2010) has cemented itself as a modern Disney classic, earning nearly $600 million at the worldwide box office and boasting a certified fresh rating on Rotten Tomatoes. While the character of Rapunzel has existed for centuries, the Disney iteration is just over one decade old.

Decorated musician and actress Mandy Moore fulfilled the role of Rapunzel in Tangled while Zachary Levi starred opposite as Flynn Rider. Reprisals within remakes are far from guaranteed, but Levi has big interest in suiting up as a live-action Flynn.

Zachary Levi Wants Florence Pugh in Tangled Remake

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Speaking at a recent fan convention, Zachary Levi responded to the idea of Florence Pugh portraying Rapunzel in a live-action Tangled remake. If the Academy Award nominee is brought in to play the long-haired princess, Levi wants to reprise Flynn Rider.

"There was this thing, I just saw it earlier, floating around the internet that Florence Pugh potentially might play the role of Rapunzel," Levi said. "And if Florence plays Rapunzel... (indistinguishable excited noise). It would also be a trip because my real last name is Pugh, by the way. My name is Zachary Levi Pugh. You'd have a Pugh-Pugh (makes pew-pew noise) in Tangled? Come on!"


Zachary Levi open to reprising Tangled character if Florence Pugh plays Rapunzel

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There is no word on whether a live-action Tangled remake will actually happen. As of this writing, there have been no concrete reports of it being developed. Tangled producer Roy Conli revealed back in late 2014 that the team behind the original film had "heavily pushed" for a sequel but it ultimately never got off the ground.