Disney Flynn Rider Tangled Funko Pop Is a AAA Anime Exclusive


Last time we checked, Disney's 2010 animated film Tangled wasn't anime, but this Flynn Rider Funko Pop is a AAA Anime exclusive. We recall seeing Marvel AAA Anime exclusives in the past, but this might be a first for a Disney feature. What's more, its also the first Flynn Rider Pop figure ever!

Indeed, the Flynn Rider Funko Pop is wanted dead or alive, and you can pre-order it here at Entertainment Earth for $19.99 with a release date set for September. Tangled is a popular Disney property without a lot of Funko Pops, and the first Flynn Ryder Pop has a AAA Anime sticker - those two factors will probably lead to a quick sell out, so reserve one while you can.

If you're unfamiliar, Tangled puts a Disney spin on the Brothers Grimm fairy tale Rapunzel, which tells the story of a girl with long golden hair that's trapped in a tower. It stars Mandy Moore, Zachary Levi and Donna Murphy and can be streamed on Disney+ now.


Speaking of Disney Funko Pop figure exclusives, Funko and Disney teamed up on a Walt Disney Archives 50th anniversary 5-pack featuring Mickey Mouse last year and it sold out on Amazon quickly. Now they're back with a similar set that features Pop figure highlights from Minnie Mouse's 93-year career.

Pre-orders for the Walt Disney Archives Minnie Mouse Funko Pop 5-pack are live here on Amazon for $49.99 while they last. The release date is set for October 28th. When they sell out, keep in mind that the Funko Pops in the Mickey Mouse set were eventually sold individually, and Funko notes that the Minnie Mouse set will get the same treatment - probably sometime in September or October.

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