Tangled Stars Reunite for Film's 10 Anniversary

It's the tenth anniversary of the theatrical release of Tangled, the film's two main stars -- Zachary Levi and Mandy Moore -- got together on a short video call to reminisce about the movie and thank fans for their support over the years. The film, which tells the story of Rapunzel through a Disney lens, was one of the first Disney Princess movies that seemed to internalize some criticisms of the brand and give the princess a bit more agency and more to do. It made almost $600 million and spawned an animated series that has actually been fairly well received by fans.

Of course, getting Moore and Levi into the same space again was probably harder than it sounds. A decade removed from the film's release, both of them are bigger stars than they have ever been, with Levi heading up the Shazam! film franchise and Moore appearing on This is Us, one of TV's most beloved and acclaimed series.

"In some ways it feels like even longer ago, and in some ways it feels like a blink of an eye," Levi said in a video posted to Disney Animation's Twitter account. "I think it's because the movie's so evergreen and I have so many friends and family that watch it and rewatch it and I get reminded of it and just how grateful I am we got to do it together."

You can check it out below.

"It was such an immense pleasure and joy, and relief," Moore added. "Like Zac has said many a time, a bucket-list opportunity, experience, and one that I will never forget."

Not available for comment was Maximus the horse, whose snorts and whinnies came from Disney veteran Nathan Greno, who worked on Brother Bear, Chicken Little, and Bolt, and co-directed Tangled. The film also featured appearances from Donna Murphy, Paul F. Thompkins, Jeffrey Tambor, Ron Perlman, and Brad Garrett -- but really, it was Levi and Moore's show, with the pair appearing in almost every scene and many of those supporting characters having about 2 minutes of total screen time.

You can watch Tangled on Disney+.


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