Alcatraz: Comic Book Paradox

Alcatraz Garcia comic book

While I'm quite enjoying the new TV series Alcatraz, I noticed something of a paradox in the "Kit Nelson" episode. One of the strengths of the series is Jorge Garcia, whose character Dr. Diego "Doc" Soto is a man of many talents. During initial press materials for Alcatraz, Doc was described as an Alcatraz expert and comic book enthusiast. However, it turns out that Doc is much more than just a comic book enthusiast. Doc runs his own comic book store, writes his own comic book, and even draws his own comic book. In the "Kit Nelson" episode, Doc is shown doing the finishing inks on some pencils for comic book pages that depict Lucy's shooting from the last episode of Alcatraz.

Alcatraz comic book

What's unusual about this is that Doc's involved in an investigation that is being kept secret from the public. In fact, one of the main characters, Emerson Hauser, even cancels an amber alert for a kidnapped child, as a means of keeping the situation secret. Why would Doc be drawing these events into a comic book series that is presumable going to be published? Just a minor little contradiction in what is otherwise a great new series. In addition to Garcia's acting, the other highlight of the series appears to be the villains. Michael Eklund was downright creepy as child killer Kit Nelson.