Alyssa Milano Advocates For Breastfeeding By Sharing Wonder Woman Halloween Photo


Wonder Woman is making her big screen debut in Batman V. Superman, but a lot of celebrities have been showing their Wonder Woman spirit during Halloween. The Amazon Princess has always been one of the most popular Halloween costumes.

One of the celebrities donning the red, white, blue, and yellow costume is Alyssa Milano, who used her Wonder Woman costume to also make a statement. Along with the image below, Milano wrote, "#tbt 2014 Wonder Woman! #normalizebreastfeeding."

#tbt 2014 Wonder Woman! #normalizebreastfeeding

A photo posted by Alyssa Milano (@milano_alyssa) on

Milano has been a strong advocate for breastfeeding moms, and her Instagram post sharing her Wonder Woman photo from last year has quickly gone viral, accumulating over 28K likes in less than a day.


In additon to being a popular movie and TV star, Milano is the creator of the Hacktivist graphic novel, published by Archaia Entertainment.