AMC Debuts New Preacher Teaser Trailer

Arseface Preacher AMC
(Photo: AMC)

While fans are eagerly awaiting this weekend's season finale of The Walking Dead, AMC wants to remind you about their other much-anticipated show debuting later this year, Preacher.

AMC just released a new teaser for the supernatural drama, packed full of your favorite characters from the book, including Cassidy, Arseface, Tulip, Sherriff Root, and or course Jesse Custer. We actually get to see Joseph Gilgun's Cassidy in action, involved an altercation aboard a plane, as well as another quick close-up of Ian Colletti's Arseface. The show appears to have a solid grasp on the twisted tone of the books, at least so far.

The series isn't that far off either, as it debuts on AMC on May 22nd. The teaser will appear during The Walking Dead season finale.

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