Animal Man's Jeff Lemire Has the Series Planned Out for At Least Another Year


Even though Scott Snyder's Swamp Thing and Jeff Lemire's Animal Man have been walking hand-in-hand since the launch of the New 52, Lemire took to his blog today to make sure fans know that he's not going anywhere soon. "In response to many tweets and email this afternoon, I'd also like to reassure fans of my Animal Man run that I won't be leaving Animal Man any time soon," wrote Lemire. "I have the series plotted out past issue 30 at this point, and there are a lot of fresh and exciting things coming for the Baker family. The end of Rotworld has reinvigorated me on the series and I'm excited to move the character in a lot of new directions in 2013 and beyond, along with my awesome artists Steve Pugh and Timothy Green II." Snyder may be leaving Swamp Thing, but Lemire isn't the only one making a long-term commitment to his books. The Batman writer revealed that he and artist Greg Capullo are signed on to be together for at least another year and a half during an interview with filmmaker Kevin Smith in the Fat Man on Batman podcast.