Arrow: Blood Rush Episode One Now Online


Tonight, in an interesting promotional tie-in, Bose--the radio and speaker people--got together with the cast of Arrow to team up Roy Harper and Felicity Smoak for what's likely to be a DVD extra or webisode once all is said and done.

Today, though, it was just about a minute, bringing the characters together for the first time. The banter is great, the characterization is mostly spot-on but frankly feels a bit more Veronica Mars than Arrow...but here's what happened.

Also, the actual clip.

Beginning at the Queen offices, Felicity is dancing to her own little music when Roy comes up. He's looking for Ollie, and he's not there yet. Felicity is in super cute-awkward mode, but manages to get out that he needs to wait downstairs. She gets a call from Quentin Lance, saying they have a problem.