Arrow Producer: The Atom's Costume is the Best Costume We've Done on the Show

During an interview with IGN, conducted last weekend at the Flash vs. Arrow special screening in Los Angeles, Arrow executive producer Marc Guggenheim praised the costume being developed for Ray Palmer, the superhero best known as The Atom.

"Straight up, every day this is me: I dial Vancouver. 'Is the costume ready yet?' 'No.' 'Is the costume ready yet?' 'No.' 'Is the costume ready yet?' 'No.' As soon as the costume is ready, you will see it," laughed Guggenheim.

He added, "Ray's costume is the best costume we've ever done on the show. I mean, it is the kind of costume that feature films get years to design and produce. It's going to blow everyone away."

You can chek out the full interview, in which he also talks about Laurel's new role as Black Canary and Oliver squaring off against Ra's al Ghul, below.


Arrow airs on Wednesday nights at 8 p.m. ET/PT on The CW. Next week will cross over with The Flash.