Back To The Future Monopoly Revealed

(Photo: USAopoly)

Back To The Future turned 30 last month, and plans for a Blu-ray release are hitting stores this fall, but here comes the Monopoly set you didn't realize you wanted.

Casual gamers and board game enthusiasts alike will most likely agree the packaging alone might be the true selling point, and just check out these tokens!

Everything ranging from Doc Brown's faithful dog Einstein to Marty's hat from Back To The Future III is represented here. Monopoly already has a history of igniting family feuds, but as Toyland states "you’ll be fighting before you even roll the dice".

The board itself is standard Monopoly fare but with famous Hill Valley landmarks for the listed properties with the Clock Tower in 1985 and 1885 being the Boardwalk and Park Place analogs.

The game will be released in September just in time to celebrate the 30th anniversary of the Clock Tower getting struck by lightning. Readers, with so many editions of Monopoly already available, would you make room for this one?