Batgirl and Friends? Gail Simone's Rejected Pitch to Save Stephanie Brown

Fan-favorite writer Gail Simone took to her Tumblr earlier today to discuss some kind words from a fan who was hoping to see the Simone-created character Misfit (who appeared in Birds of Prey back before Flashpoint) return in the world of the New 52.

In response to those comments, she let slip a description of what sounds like a very appealing book to resurrect Misfit and the fan-favorite former Batgirl Stephanie Brown...a book that was unfortunately turned down by DC editorial.

Says Simone,

"This was a book I worked on for a year with alterations. I wanted to do a girl team book featuring Black Alice, Misfit, a young Bumblebee, and led by Stephanie Brown. They would all be going to the same high school. The plan was to have [Bryan Q. Miller] co-write it with me.

"It went through lots of permutations and changes but eventually, they passed on it, which was understandable but a little bit (okay, a lot) heartbreaking. I don’t want to say more about it, but that’s a big reason why I was hopeful about some of those characters, because it seemed a pretty exciting premise.

"But it doesn’t mean those characters won’t be back at some point, hopefully they will."

Simone is not someone who's well-known for working with co-writers, but apparently that was integral to some of her non-Batgirl pitches for the New 52; though this title never happened, she did start the launch last September working The Fury of Firestorm the Nuclear Men, which she co-wrote with Ethan Van Sciver.