Batman Invites Captain America To Boston

With the barriers of Marvel Vs DC fandom keeping our favorite heroes apart, what could bring two men like Captain America and Batman together? Truth? Justice? The American dream?

No, no, and no. But Tom Brady certainly can.

In a recent funding to support the Eastern Congo Initiative, best friends Matt Damon and Ben Affleck were seen arguing over who was better friends with Tom Brady.

The bit was created as a fundraiser, but it looks like the long-time pals weren't the only Boston natives who felt they were Brady Buddies.

Chris Evans, star of Marvel's Captain America franchise, has been an outward supporter of Brady and The Patriot, and takes immense pride in his New England roots. During Super Bowl XLIX, a game between the Patriots and Seattle Seahawks, Evans made a public bet with Guardians of The Galaxy star, Chris Pratt. The loser had to visit the Children's Hospital in the winning city, dressed as their screen-hero. The Patriots won, but both stars showed up in costume to the hospitals.

When Chris Evans saw the fued between Affleck (DC's current Batman) and Damon, he couldn't resist chiming in. Quoting their tweet, Evans remarked that he "secretly but not so secretly desperately kind of wanted to be a part of this"

Affleck's response to Chris was a two-edged sword. He invited the Captain America actor to join them in Boston, but also used it as an insult to Matt Damon.


The part about "...send Matt to pick you up" was teasing that Matt was simply a driver to Affleck and Brady.

These little quips are commonplace between the friends, and it looks like they may be letting one more join their inner circle.